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governance and accountability, and peacekeeping training in Tanzania. The FIPA is a treaty designed to protect and promote Canadian investment abroad through legally binding provi


to strengthen bilateral ties. The Argentine Foreign Ministry said in a press release the two officials reached an agreement during their meeting, adding that both of them highligh.


ce talks with the government are making good progress. As the closed-door negotiations in Havana entered the seventh day, FARC senior commander Jesus Santrich told reporters in hi.


ds, bridges, ports and airports. President Sebastian Pinera estimated reconstruction would take around 30 billion dollars. Curfew in some of the affected regions have been partly li.


ing tsunami in Japan was triggered by a big earthquake under the sea, but "The Big One" as people were talking about in California is an inland earthquake, which is far away from .

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uez called the results of the Safe Homeland Plan, which put National Armed Forces officials in charge of security, "amazing." "It's amazing that everything has happened in the area.

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Cuba and the United States have jointly caught worldwide attention once again after announcing the resumption of diplomatic relations and the opening of embassies on each other's.

d he supports the proposed legislation. "Yes, to the federal Dream Act, which I can't do anything about, except advocate, and yes to the state Dream Act, which I can do something .

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